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How Bronxmedia Started

People, Places and Perceptions.

Bronxmedia starting streaming video over the internet back in 2000.  

Our goal is to enhance people’s awareness about various issues and concerns   pertaining to the Bronx. We want to strive to let others know that not only does the Bronx have a lot to offer, but to be an information source for the communities regarding social and economic changes that will ultimately affect us all as a small city. Currently there are historical locations in the Bronx that should never be changed, but should be embellished. Hopefully with the help of the community leaders, elected officials, educators and business leaders our vision for the betterment of a Bronx society on a whole  
 will emerge. 
  We look forward to providing invaluable information in our Bronx School Districts and classes to give the young students of today, a prideful, historical view of a place in which they live. We need the help of 
both Cyber Communities, as well as all 12 districts joining together so the world can view the Bronx from a different perspective. A lot of talent and keen business minds have derived from the Bronx and the world will know it  by simply visiting